Global Health

The Global Health Program (GHP) aims to foster and support Global Health activities within the Faculty of Medicine. The GHP accomplishes this by helping individuals to establish strategic and sustainable initiatives that facilitate the engagement of uOttawa students, residents and faculty in education, research, healthcare and capacity-building opportunities, with the ultimate outcome of improving the healthcare of low-resource communities around the world. The Global Health Program provides pre departure training, in country support and post elective debriefing available to all within the Faculty of Medicine.

In keeping with our Social Accountability mandate, there is an undergraduate global health curriculum and a global health stream that is offered to select students culminating in a Global Health certificate. The GHP also provides many opportunity for trainees and members of the Faculty with interest to take part in global health related activities including the GH Journal Club and the annual GH Conference run by the Aesculapian Society.

Global Health Program (GHP)

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