Leadership Committee TOR


The SA Leadership Committee, reporting to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, will allow the Social Accountability Leadership Team (SALT) an opportunity to help shape the Social Accountability direction of UGME. The scope of activities will encompass but not be limited to:

  1. Advising the Director of Social Accountability(and the Vice Dean Undergraduate Medical Education) on directions, programing, and the setting of a Social Accountability agenda
  2. Be available, to take on Social Accountability projects, as agreed by the committee
  3. Work together to advance and enrich the individual programs represented
  4. Support each other in dealing with program challenges and collaborations  


  • Director Social Accountability (Chair)
  • Leader (Anglophone) “Society, the Individual and Medicine” (SIM)
  • Leader, Year 1 (Francophone) “SIM”
  • Leader, Year 2 (Francophone) “SIM”
  • Leader “Leadership Curriculum”
  • Director “Portfolio on Core Competencies”
  • Leader “Global Health”
  • Leader “Medicine and the Humanities Program” (MHP)
  • Leader “Interprofessional Education” (IPE) and “Community Service Learning” (CSL)
  • Director Indigenous Program
  • Chair “Jason A. Hannah in History of Medicine”
  • Director “Distributed Medical Education”
  • Representative of the Community Health Centers
  • Director, Office of Equity, Diversity and Gender Issues
  • Representation from the Office of Francophone Affairs
  • Assistant Dean of Admissions
  • Research Advisor
  • Student Representative “Student Social Accountability Advisory Committee”
  • Academic Coordinator- Administrative support (non-voting)

The quorum shall consist of 1/3 of the voting members

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