The Social Accountability Student Advisory Committee (SASAC), reports to the Social Accountability Leadership Team, advising the membership regarding student affairs and interests surrounding social accountability.

The scope of the activities will encompass, but are not limited to:

  • Advising the Social Accountability Leadership Team on directions, programming, and the Social Accountability agenda
  • Participating in Social Accountability projects
  • Contributing to and support various Social Accountability initiatives introduced by committee members
  • Maintaining the Social Medicine Network Website


  • Director of Social Accountability (Chair)
  • Director of Community Service Learning
  • Co-Leaders of the SASAC
  • SASAC Committee Members
  • Quorum: Minimum 1/3 of voting members

Becoming a member

Student Social Accountability Committee Co-Lead position
  • At least one position is to be filled by a student in the second year of medical school at uOttawa
  • Ideally would have been a member of SASAC in their first year
  • The Director of SA will accept nominations of those interested at the  end of the school year
  • The Director of SA will run a private ballot of committee members to decide on a new lead and will vote only to break a tie
  • If there is only one co-lead chosen at the end of the school year, the  other co-lead position will be offered to the incoming class at the Social Accountability Forum in September, same method as above
Student Social Accountability Committee Member Position
  • All active medical students at the Faculty of Medicine are welcome
  • Expected commitment of at least one academic year
  • Membership will be offered annually after the Social Accountability Forum


  • Ensure two student co-leaders are chosen each year as per the Terms Of Reference guidelines
  • Liaise between the student and faculty SA committees
Co-Leader of Student Social Accountability Advisory Committee
  • Direct and coordinate the activities of the Student Social Advisory Committee. Create, introduce, and maintain Social Accountability and Advocacy projects
  • Organize at least three (3) meetings per year
  • Represent SASAC at SALT meetings
  • Speak for the needs and concerns of the students regarding the Social Accountability Curriculum 
Student Social Accountability Committee Members
  • Participate in Social Accountability and Advocacy projects

Provide input and opinions to the Student leader regarding direction of the projects and goals of the group

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