Social Medicine Network Ottawa (SMNO)

Socian Medicine Network screenshot

We are a group of faculty and students passionate about social determinants of health, reducing social inequalities and improving population health outcomes. We believe experiential learning and fostering connections between community organizations, healthcare providers, and healthcare trainees is essential to best address issues related to social accountability.

As such, we have created an online platform, which aims to introduce interested students to resources in various fields related to social accountability, equality and marginalized populations in and around the city of Ottawa. These resources include an interdisciplinary group of individuals (including healthcare providers) and various community organizations offering a range of opportunities such as volunteering, clinical electives, research and leadership in areas involving marginalized populations. This platform, the Social Medicine Network Ottawa (SMNO), is an initiative based on the principles of social accountability, human dignity and equality.

SMNO builds upon the Social Medicine Network of British Columbia (see SMNBC) and is open to public. This platform is maintained by the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine Student Advisory Committee (create an embedded link to SA website’s SASAC section). Ultimately, we hope the Social Medicine Network will help bridge the gap between social and clinical medicine, allowing the healthcare trainees to better appreciate the impact of social factors on health and empowering them to take on leadership roles in such areas.

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