Christopher Ramnanan


Christopher Ramnanan
Associate Professor


Room: Department of Innovation in Medical Education

Dr Chris Ramnanan


After receiving his Ph.D. in 2006 from Carleton University, Dr. Christopher Ramnanan participated in the Scientist-Educator Fellowship Program at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine. This unique program allowed Dr. Ramnanan to train as both a biomedical researcher (studying the metabolic regulation of glucose) and as a medical educator (specializing in anatomy education). In 2011, Dr. Ramnanan was recruited to an assistant professor position at the Medical College of Georgia. In 2012, he joined the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine, where he is a member of the Department of Innovation in Medical Education.

He is responsible for most of the curricular anatomy teaching for Anglophone students, and is in charge of the Dissection Elective Program offered to all pre-clerkship students. His educational research focuses on enhancing and optimizing anatomy education of medical students, and developing training opportunities for students interested in improving their scholarly teaching and research abilities. A substantial component of his educational research program has been derived from supervising medical students in the Summer Studentship Program.

His biomedical research had led to over 20 publications, with highly cited work featured in journals such as Diabetes, the Journal of Clinical Investigation, and Cell Metabolism. His medical education research had led to publications, all involving medical student collaborators and authors, featured in Medical Education, Academic Medicine, and Anatomical Sciences Education. In addition, his work has been presented at the Canadian Conference in Medical Education and the American Association of Anatomists Annual Meetings.

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