Academic Standing

Good standing / academic concern list

Definitions for good standing and academic concern list

A student in good standing:

  • is registered for the current academic year or current session;
  • has paid tuition fees for the current session;
  • has met the ongoing requirements of the Office of Risk Management (immunization, mask fitting, CPR course and police record check).

A student active on the academic concern list:

(This is an internal designation within the Faculty overseen by the SPEC.)

  • has failed a written examination and not yet passed the remedial or supplemental examination;
  • has deferred and not yet taken an examination;
  • has deferred or failed and not yet passed a subsequent OSCE;
  • has failed an evaluation and not yet completed the remediation;
  • has an active professionalism issue;
  • is currently being monitored by the Faculty Wellness Office; or
  • is deemed as being in difficulty by the SPEC.

In order to be eligible to commence a core 3rd year Distributed Medical Education (DME) placement, a student must not be on the active academic concern list.

Any exception to the above designation can be approved only by the SPEC.

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