Academic Support

As a student of the Faculty of Medicine, you have available to you a number of different academic support tools. The UGME Office works in close collaboration with the Faculty’s Student Affairs Office and the Student Academic Success Service (SASS) of the University of Ottawa. In addition, academic counselling and advising is provided by the Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs, the Preclerkship and Clerkship Directors and Rotation Directors.

Services offered:

  • Advice with clerkship planning throughout your medical education program
  • Advice and strategies regarding your application for residency programs (CaRMS)
  • Support for passing written examinations
  • Support for counselling and academic advising
  • Support for passing the practical examination (OSCE)
  • Clinical Skills Support Program (CSSP)
  • Mentoring/tutoring services
  • Coordination of specific accommodations
  • Referral to various services within the Faculty and the University to promote and facilitate your academic success, as needed
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