Attendance in Clerkship - Procedure

Attendance and Leave of Absence Request in Clerkship – Procedure

It is the responsibility of the student to report all absences on a daily basis to the liaison officer (Year 3: or Year 4: and the hospital coordinator. Authorization for absences may not be granted by individual preceptors or teaching staff members.

Email communications must always be from uOttawa email accounts and subject line should include the following: Surname, given name – Cohort – Group and affected rotation name (for Year 3 students) – Reason for the absence and dates.

In clerkship, students must plan carefully, especially if weekend dates are involved since the call requirements must be met and scheduling changes will have to be made.

Any authorized absence may be subject to make up time at a later date (e.g. holidays, weekends, on-calls) or may require additional equivalent work, at the discretion of the clerkship and rotation directors.

In the event that the UGME Office or the hospital is unable to reach a student and has no record of authorized absence, the police will be contacted and asked to help locate the student at his place of residence.

Submitting a leave of absence request does not guarantee approval as each department must ensure patient care.


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