Elentra and One45 Guide



Open a new browser and access the following:



Open a new browser and access the following:

Enter your username and password (you received this information by email). The first time you’ll log on, you’ll be asked to change your password.

With the left menu, you have access to different options (schedule, evaluations, personal information).


To view your schedule, just select « Schedules » on the left menu and then select « My Calendar » under the left menu. At the top left-hand corner of the calendar, there are options to print and export your calendar. At the top right-hand corner, there are also different options to display the calendar (daily, weekly, etc.). At the bottom left-hand corner, there are filters that you can apply to the calendar.

You can click on a course to see an overview.

To Do:

You can select « To Dos », on the left menu, to see the evaluations you must fill out or other activities that involves you. To fill out an evaluation, click on the evaluation link and fill out the form.

When you must fill out an evaluation, you’ll be noticed by email. Follow the instructions in the email to fill out the evaluation form.

Change username / password:

User code of conduct for computing resources

For more information refer to the University’s User Code of Conduct for Computing Recourses

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