Examination Procedures

Note: If students have any specific needs that would make it difficult to follow these procedures, they must contact the UGME Office as soon as possible in order to see whether arrangements can be made.

1. Examination dates are posted on the UGME website. Students must pay attention to the times of arrival and to the start and end times for each examination. No exceptions will be accepted without proper approval.

  • Pre-clerkship students will receive an email notification to inform them when the specific group assignment and scheduling of each group is available through the online calendar within two weeks of the examination day.

2. Students should arrive outside the examination room at least 15 minutes before the examination is scheduled to begin. The name of students arriving after the examination begins will be submitted to the SPEC. Students arriving more than 15 minutes after the examination begins will not be allowed in the examination room and will need to go directly to the UGME Office (room 2046). A member of the office will contact the faculty representative responsible for the examination in order to get instructions on how to proceed.

Before the Examination:

  • Written examinations will be placed on the examination tables prior to the students entering the room and be set up with appropriate spacing.
  • Ten minutes before the start of the examination, students will be permitted to enter the examination room in silence to take their assigned seat. Clerkship students will also be required to sign in while showing their ID badges to the Proctors before taking their seat.
  • When taking their seat:

Pre-clerkship students must follow the assigned seating when taking their seats;

Clerkship Francophone stream students must take their seat where examinations include a pink evaluation form while Anglophone stream students must take their seat where examinations include a blue evaluation form.

NOTE: Both sets of exams are in bilingual format.

  • When taking their seat, students must have their student card with them and place it on the table, face up.
  • Five minutes before the start of the examination, the students will be instructed to start filling in their name on the cover page only and student number on all sheets where it is requested. 
  • Students will be instructed to start the examination when the appointed time is reached. With the exception of name and student number, nothing should be written on the examination until instructed to start.
  1. With the exception of a basic calculator, students are prohibited from using electronic devices or any other communication tool that has not been approved beforehand. Any such device or tool must be shut off, stored and out of reach. Anyone who fails to comply with these regulations may be charged with academic fraud. It is the students’ responsibility to verify which electronic devices or tools are permissible for each examination. You may refer to item 9.4 of the University’s Academic Regulations
  2. All notes, books, bags, coats and any items not necessary to the examination must be placed in an area not within reach. Only writing implements, tissues, throat lozenges, twist-top drinks or other food items that do not make noise or disturb others during the examination are permitted. Exceptions for food items can be made for students with specific health or religious needs. Any requests for such arrangements must be submitted to your Coordinator at least two business days prior to the examination.
  3. Students must answer the questions posed. If there is no right answer then the question will be eliminated. If there is more than one right answer, then the answer key will be adjusted. These decisions will be taken after the examination in consultation with the Director of Evaluations and based on student feedback taken from the survey included with your examination.
  4. During the written examination, only one student at a time will be permitted to leave for the purpose of using the washroom and will be escorted by a Proctor. Out of respect for fellow classmates, please use washroom if only absolutely necessary. It is expected that students use the washroom before or after the examination.
  5. Students are not allowed to leave the examination early. Students must remain seated and quiet until the end of the examination period. This is to prevent disturbing other students who are still completing the examination.
  6. If the examination contains any problematic questions, they should be noted on the survey sheet provided with your examination. This information will then be tabulated and presented to the SPEC for analysis.

After the Examination:

  • At the end of the examination, students will be asked to put down their pens or pencils. No extra time will be provided at the end of the examination to complete it or to fill out your name and student number (this is to be done prior to starting the examination).
  • Students must put all components of their examination back together using the paper clip provided.
  • Examinations will not be picked up; each student must return their examination to the assigned Coordinator and/or Liaison Officer at the designated location within the examination room. When submitting their examination, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all components are attached.
  • If the room availability permits, additional time will be allotted to complete the examination evaluation once the examination has been returned. If needed, students can email more comments to the UGME office before the following Monday morning. These comments should be sent directly to your Liaison Officer and/or Coordinator.
  • When leaving the examination room, all papers must be returned to the Coordinator and/or Liaison Officer assigned whether or not they have been filled out.
  1. Out of respect for anyone still writing an examination, students should be quiet when in or around rooms where examinations are taking place. Failure to do so may be considered as a lack of professionalism.
  2. In the case of an alarm, or any situation where evacuation of the examination room is necessary, Proctors will ask students to gather in a specific area so that they will remain together in silence (no discussion of the examination is permitted). The group must stay in this location for the duration of the evacuation and await further instructions from the authorities involved. The faculty representative responsible for the examination will determine whether to resume or suspend the examination. If the examination is suspended, then the Faculty will decide on its rescheduling.

University Procedure on cancellation or postponement of examinations.

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