Policy on Revision of Grades and Appeal

Senate request number:  2018:UGRD-MED:07

Approved by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee: May 11, 2017

Approved by Faculty Council:  June 13, 2017

Approved by the Council of Undergraduate Studies:   N/A

Approved by the Executive Committee of the Senate:  March 20, 2018


Effective date: March 20, 2018

Rationale: The MD program is a competency-based program and these competencies are part of the student evaluation process. These competencies are: Clinician; Communicator; Collaborator; Professional; Health Advocate; Scholar; Person; and Manager.

Student evaluations are based 50% on written exams (P/F grade) and the remaining 50% on these competencies (also P/F grade). The vast majority of student appeals are related to incidents of professionalism. Academic regulation 10.3 as it currently stands does not lend itself well to the context of the MD program. For example, a student’s final performance is not assessed by a course professor or coordinator, but by a committee. Furthermore, a student who is not satisfied with his or her performance evaluation must approach the appeals committee rather than a department director. Our request therefore seeks primarily to describe the appeals process by using vocabulary that is suited to the context of our program of study, as well as to describe the process to follow for appealing a sanction resulting from a lapse in professionalism. Note that the process for appealing a sanction is the same as the process in place for the revision of grades.

Examination and Evaluation Review

All requests for an examination and/or evaluation review session must be made within ten (10) working days from the day following the release of the marks and/or evaluations (i.e. for CBL or clinical rotations).

Please refer to the Examination and Evaluation Review Policy 12:M05:04.


Appeal to the Faculty Council Appeals Committee

A student has the right to appeal the grade obtained in a course.  A student may also appeal decisions regarding remediation, sanctions for unprofessional behaviours, requirement to repeat educational components, probation, suspension or withdrawal from the MD program as ratified by the Student Promotion Executive Committee (SPEC) or Faculty Council.  

Student must submit their request to the Faculty Council Appeals Committee within ten (10) working days after receiving written notice of their final grade and/or decision they wish to appeal.   The procedures of the Faculty Council Appeals Committee will apply and is describe here.

While a student may appeal a Faculty Council decision regarding withdrawal of the program to the Faculty Council Appeals Committee, he/she will remain on leave from the program pending the results of the appeal.

Appeal to the Senate Appeals Committee

Prior to appealing to the Senate Appeals Committee, the student must have submitted an appeal to and received a formal decision from the Faculty of Medicine Faculty Council Appeals Committee. If not satisfied with that decision, the student may submit an appeal to the above-mentioned Senate Committee within 10 working days from the date he or she received the decision of the Faculty Council Appeals Committee.

      The Senate appeals procedure is described here.

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