Policy on Rotation Failure

Year 3

Clinical Rotations

The clinical rotations are evaluated as Pass/Fail. To obtain a Pass in the rotation, the student must pass the overall clinical performance evaluation and obtain a mark of 60% or more on the summative written examination. Failure in two (2) clinical rotations is discussed by the Student Promotion Executive Committee, who could recommend sanctions up to repetition of the academic year or dismissal from the program. 

Clinical Performance

The clinical objectives and mandatory components of each rotation must be met in order to pass the clinical performance evaluation.


A unit or course or rotation may be failed despite adequate demonstration of knowledge and clinical skills due to a failure in the domain of professionalism. Any student registered in the MD program is expected to adhere to the professional Standards of the Faculty of Medicine and demonstrate professional behavior within coursework and clerkship, as well as outside of the classroom and clinical setting when the student is clearly identifiable as a medical student. Any unprofessional behavior in an official setting or in an official communication will be brought to the attention of the Vice Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education, and may lead to remediation and/or academic sanction, which may include internal probation, recording on the MSPR, failure of a unit or course or rotation, or dismissal from the Faculty of Medicine, based on the recommendations of the Student Promotion Executive Committee.

Committee Approval Date
Undergraduate Curriculum Committee November 19, 2013
Faculty Council March 18, 2014
Executive Committee of the Senate August 19, 2014
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