Review and validate UGME Pre-clerkship Formative Exam Questions

Project Scope:

Summer student to appraise the existing Pre-clerkship formative exam questions currently available on UGME’s Student Zone website with the intention of assessing the pertinence, rationale and exactitude of answers based on existing curriculum content. The objective is to ensure all available formative exam questions are updated, appropriate and ready for students to consult for the 2021/2022 academic year, using Elentra as a platform.

Brief Outline:

The summer student will be a key player in helping to provide Pre-clerkship students with up to date/accurate/valid formative exam questions in preparation for their summative exams. Additionally, the summer student will contribute to help consolidate student learning by providing rationales and real-time responses to existing questions. To be successful in completing the main goal of this project, the student will be provided with a template, guiding, and ensuring all appropriate data is captured for each question.Finally, the student will be asked to assist with user acceptance testing (UAT) with student-facing screens in Elentra once questions are uploaded in the Exam Question Management component of the platform.

Key deliverables:

  • Produce summer project timeline and schedule reoccurring status report meetings with Supervisor.
  • Review the existing questions to ensure completeness and accuracy (may require consult or follow up with content experts to complete this task)
  • Complete metadata (template will be provided) to allow for seamless integration in the Elentra platform.
  • Provide updated question to UGME administrative staff via a pre-defined phased delivery schedule.
  • Provide feedback to the Operations team re: student facing screens via UAT


Successful completion of this project would allow for formative exams to be conducted in the Elentra platform as of September 2021. Conducting formative exams in Elentra would serve as an important pilot phase in the transition to Elentra Question Management project (24-month project timeline). Therefore, this preparation phase is key for successful delivery of both formative; and more importantly, summative exams via Elentra.

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