Review, Revision and Mapping of the MD Program’s Learning Objectives

Project Scope:

The summer student will complete a review of the existing learning objectives established for the Pre-Clerkship units and core Clerkship rotations (approximately 6,000+) using a template with pre-established quality criteria. The main goal of this project is to enhance the educational quality of the MD Program’s current learning objectives with three secondary goals of a) reducing overlap or eliminating duplication of learning objectives, b) identifying learning objectives that are aligned with the achievement of the national EPAs or the program objectives of the MD Program, and c) mapping the revised learning objectives established for the core Clerkship rotations and the Pre-Clerkship curriculum with the Medical Council of Canada’s objectives. The outcomes of this project will ensure all learning objectives are educational relevant, appropriate mapped and searchable in Elentra for use by students, faculty and unit / rotational leaders for the 2021/2022 academic year.

Brief Outline

Over the course of approximately 10 weeks, the summer student will play a key role in supporting UGME’s Assessment, Evaluation and Curriculum Office in implementing a continuous quality improvement process to identify revisions to the MD Program’s learning objectives; contribute to preparations to implement the national EPAs; propose revisions to assessment strategies; and support Academic Leaders to align our current curriculum with the Medical Council of Canada’s LMCC examinations. To be successful this project will provide the students with training on the application of educational quality criteria for learning objectives and templates and guiding documents to facilitate a review and recommended course of action for each learning objective. The student will participate in mapping exercises that will align MD Program learning objectives with the knowledge, skills, attitudes or behaviours described in the uOttawa EPA templates and current assessment strategies within the core Clerkship rotations. Finally, the student will contribute to mapping MD Program objectives with the MCC objectives within Elentra. 

Key Deliverables

  • Produce summer project timeline and schedule regular update meetings with the project’s Academic Supervisor.
  • Complete a review of and propose revisions to existing MD Program learning objectives for the Pre-Clerkship and core Clerkship rotations to meet educational quality criteria and identify learning objectives for revisions or removal.
  • Complete a mapping exercise of the revised learning objectives with MD Program objectives and the uOttawa description of the twelve national EPAs.
  • Map MD program objectives to current assessment strategies utilized in the core Clerkship rotations to facilitate future implementation of the national EPAs.
  • Complete a review of the MCC learning objectives and map each MCC objective to one or more MD Program learning objectives in the Clerkship and Pre-Clerkship to allow for seamless integration in the Elentra platform.
  • Provide summary report with recommended course of action.


Successful completion of this project will be foundational to supporting UGME’s Academic and Administrative teams to complete revisions to the MD Program’s learning objectives, produce an updated inventory of mapped MD Program objectives that will contribute to curriculum renewal strategies focused on the implementation of the national EPAs within the uOttawa MD Program. The exercise will also contribute to establishing a systematic revision process for existing and future learning objectives and will support continuous quality improvement efforts as a key component in UGME’s MD Program Evaluation strategies. Finally, and most importantly, the result of this exercise will help better prepare students for success on future MCC examinations. The result of this project will be an updated, impactful, and robust learning objectives inventory.


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