Room Reservation Policy

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Room Reservation Policy


The Faculty of Medicine has experienced a marked increase in the number of special reservation requests for academic spaces at Guindon Hall. As a result, the Faculty developed this policy in keeping with the policies and procedures of the University of Ottawa and the Scheduling Office in order to clarify the process for reserving Faculty rooms.

Sections 1 and 3 of University Policy 28, Use of University of Ottawa Facilities and Services, are provided below for your convenience.


This policy outlines the rules governing the reservation of University of Ottawa facilities and the use of University services for non-academic purposes (academic refers to credit or non-credit courses recognized by the University). This policy should be applied in conjunction with Procedure 4-8.


Priority always goes to academic activities, which means that facilities are available only when they are not needed for teaching.


Academic terms

Fall term: September to December

Winter term: January to April (MD program courses: January to end of May)

Summer term: May to August

Blackout periods

Blackout periods are the established time periods when no special reservations are to be made in uoCampus. Blackout periods occur each year during the University’s course scheduling period, from October to the end of April, and during the final exam scheduling periods.

Only staff at the academic secretariats are authorized to reserve rooms in uoCampus during the course and final exam scheduling periods.

Reservation types

Course-related reservation: For activities connected with a course code (lectures, CBL sessions, exams, etc.)

External reservation: For activities by any person or group outside the Faculty of Medicine

Special reservation: For Faculty of Medicine non-academic activities (training, group meetings, etc.)


Course-related reservations are made automatically by staff at the academic secretariats when course schedules are being built.

3.1 Special reservations

Special reservations can be made in uoCampus or using the online form. Any Faculty of Medicine staff members that make numerous special reservations requests and wish to make their own reservations in uoCampus can request access from their respective academic unit.

All staff members who have been granted access to the special reservation function in uoCampus will receive a message from the Scheduling Office advising them of the course and final exam scheduling periods and advising them to refrain from submitting requests during this time. Any special reservations made during these periods will be cancelled without notice.

NOTE: The academic unit must be provided with the contact information of all staff members holding access for this uoCampus function in order to advise the Scheduling Office. In addition, the Scheduling Office must be kept informed of any changes to their contact information. This ensures required individuals will receive all information related to blackout periods (see definition section) and other important communications.

  • Special reservations using uoCampus

Special reservations for Faculty of Medicine activities can be made in uoCampus at any time outside blackout periods. It is crucial that no room reservations be made during the blackout periods (October to the end of April and during the December and April final exam scheduling periods).

  • Special reservations using the online form

Faculty of Medicine staff members without access to the uoCampus room reservation function can submit a reservation request using the online form. The form is available on the Faculty website under Faculty Services, as of September 2017.

All special reservation requests must be made at least 10 working days prior the event or activity date.

Rooms are reserved for the sole use of the person or group making the reservation and cannot be transferred to another person or group without prior approval of the undergraduate or graduate medical education office, as applicable.

3.2 External reservations

All room reservations not related to a Faculty of Medicine activity must be made through the Conventions and Reservations office. Please review the Conventions and Reservations terms and conditions before booking.


The undergraduate and graduate medical education offices, as applicable, are responsible for granting access to uoCampus.


An online tutorial is available for staff members in uoCampus. To access the video once signed in, click on [Training], then [Room reservations].


The person or group reserving the room is responsible for ensuring the room it tidied up and returned to its original state after the activity or event.


The person or group reserving the room is responsible for any damages to the facility or any equipment that is part of the reservation agreement.


The person or group reserving the room must comply with the University’s health and safety requirements and any other safety requirements, capacity limits for the room reserved as well as the University’s security policy 33 and is also responsible for ensuring all guests comply with health and safety requirements.


Failure to comply with this policy may result in uoCampus access being revoked.


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