Adverse Match outcome – Support services

Match day

Unmatched students are met in person as a group or asked to call in if on rotation outside of the Ottawa area. All students are instructed to be in Canada on match day. They are supported by the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs with the entire Career Connect Team composed of the Supervisor of Academic Services, Electives Coordinator, 4th Year Coordinator, as well as the Vice Dean of Postgraduate Studies and a counsellor from Student Affairs.

CaRMS 2nd iteration and scramble

Unmatched students in the first iteration will continue to be supported and to decide about entering round 2, identifying strategies and new specialties of interest, and putting a new application together with new documents. The Student Affairs Office Counsellors and Assistant Dean, as well as the Supervisor of Academic Services, remain available for individual consultations and support.

Guidance towards possible further training

Students remaining unmatched after the 2nd iteration receive counselling and support and may be accepted for an enrichment year program. Students continue to have access to all UGME and Student Affairs resources.

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