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Tips on Financial Planning

Financial Planning

We are pleased to offer you all of the resources available to help you plan for your financial needs. We work in collaboration with the Financial Aid & Awards office to offer you financial counselling, budget management and other financial planning resources. In addition, we help you identify your feelings with regards to money, spending, and material wealth.

  • Financial counselling
    Take advantage of the Financial Aid & Awards office’s financial counselling program! During these meetings an advisor will answer general questions related to budget management, as well as specific counselling on personal financial requirements.
    You may book an appointment with an advisor by calling 613-562-5734 or emailing
  • Financial concerns
    The Student Affairs Office is pleased to provide guidance in all other areas of financial decision making, which includes (but is not limited to):
  1. Gaining control of spending habits;
  2. Resolving feelings of anxiety about money;
  3. Developing goals to make dreams a reality;
  4. Separating self-worth from material wealth;
  5. Resolving emotional ties between bank balance and personal values;
  6. Identifying feelings of loss, anger, shame, sadness, and anxiety regarding past financial decisions.
  • Budget
    Designing a budget for the school year may appear to be a laborious process, however it is an essential step that can help you reduce your amount of accumulated debt by the time you enter residency.
    MD Management has prepared a Medical School Cost Calculator to help you budget your expenses and sources of income.
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