Wellness Check

The Student Affairs Office team is here to assist you in assessing your personal well-being, to help you set and achieve your personal goals, to support you and to facilitate your access to multiple available resources.
The Student Affairs Office organizes Wellness Checks for students during their first and third years of studies.

  • The Wellness Check Program (WCP-1): Year 1 cohort - Mandatory
    Individual 30 minute meeting with a personal counsellor to review 10 main domains of wellness, aided by a self-assessment questionnaire filled out on an iPad in the Student Affairs Office prior to the appointment.

    Rubrics include: Physical health, Sleep / Fatigue, Psychological / Emotional health, Social supports, Finances, Academics and Career.
  • The Wellness Check Program (WCP-3): Year 3 cohort
    Confidential electronic survey accompanied by an invitation to follow-up with an in-person visit with a counsellor to address any concerns or to build on strengths.
  • The Student Wellness Committee (SWC)
    The Student Wellness Committee was created to engage all stakeholders interested and involved in wellness at the Faculty of Medicine to allow exchanges, collaboration and to create a living permanent structure that would survive beyond the “individuals”.
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