Tools for future residents

Residency application tools: This presentation, prepared and delivered by the Student Affairs Office (SAO) in July of every year, presents an overview of the residency application and CaRMS process. You will find information and tips on what to include in your CV, how to draft your personal letter, one paragraph at a time, and ways to obtain reference letters. In addition, you will find links to valuable resources as well as important deadlines.

CV example: In addition to the tips on how to style your CaRMS CV outlined in the presentation above, use this example as a starting point when drafting your document to ensure you are including all of the relevant information. (French CV)

Personal letter activity: Take the time to thoroughly reflect on your interests, values, goals, skills and experiences before attempting to draft a compelling personal letter. This tool will assist you in brainstorming ideas for the content of your letter. After completing the activity, refer to the presentation above to start drafting your letter, one paragraph at a time.

CaRMS mock interview guide©: This is a list of standard questions that are often addressed in some form or other, as well as some difficult questions.


Other resources

You may find the following resources helpful to prepare a successful application.

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